1 Dress 3 Ways

by Kéla Walker

You know I’m all about optimizing the kloset here on KK and today’s post is a great example of how you can kreate multiple looks with one piece and make the most of your kloset!



I got this dress late in the summer and missed the weather and opportunity to wear it. Instead if packing it away with my summer clothes ( you know I love to winterize a maxi) I played around with it and kreated a couple of ways to wear it.  Who doesn’t love a dress that can be worn in multiple ways.  Its lke more bang for your buck and EVERYONE wants that.  Granted, this dress was not suppose to be a multi-style dress but  that’s  the beauty of fashion and more importantly STYLE- taking things and making them your own.  And I did that three times over with this dress.


Of the 3 looks , the midi version with the mongolian vest is my favorite.  Typically I reserve this 3-in-1 thing for shift dresses (1 of my favorite cuts)  but this jersey maxi proved to be just as effective.   When trying to build multiple looks from 1 garment look for pieces that are loosely structured and will provide room for playing with its shape or in this case, go for something that has a lot flexibility and give to it.  I only featured 3 looks but I can think of a few more ways to wear this dress.



  This number came from NYC boutique Nicolye which will be on hand for a super kool trunk show / shopping event happening this Saturday all in celebration of Luxe Colore’s 1 year anniversary.  Luxe Colore is an online one-stop shop for products and services from emerging market designers.Its a great place to discover a few hidden gems.   If you are in the Soho area Saturday evening,  stop by and check out the the different designers and boutiques selling their one of a kind pieces.  Or better yet RSVP now!!.

Have a Great Weekend Kuties