10 Affordable Bags To Curb Your Chanel Bag Desires

by Kéla Walker

That quilted pattern. The butter soft lamb leather. chain detail. The double C emblem- Its the makings of that classic Chanel bag- that every girl desires in their closet.  One that comes at a pretty penny- over $3,000 brand new. But if you’re anything like me you have a long list of real priorities that trump those Chanel bag dreams. Ah, to have champaign taste and wine pockets (I know the saying is beer but wine is a bit better). Until I stumble upon one of those nearly impossible vintage finds for a great steal – damn those of you that have- I’ll keep some money in my pocket and settle for one of these Chanel bag dupes. Just as cute and stylish as the real thing, these bags possess the same qualities of the classic purse but for a whole lot less.

10 Quilted Bags To Curb Your Desires for Chanel

Kontinue for the links and shopping info on these Chanel bag dupes that will curb your desires and hold you over until the real thing works it’s way into your budget.

 The great thing about these Chanel bag dupes is that they don’t lack quality. They’re all from designer brands and made of leather and quality material.

1- Rebecca Minkoff
2- Michael by Michael Kors
5- Love Moschino
6- Tory Burch
7- Moschino
9- Kate Spade
10-Rebecca Minkoff 

I just got the first bag.
Do you have a chanel bag?  Which one of these bags would you add to your closet to curb your desires for a chanel bag?