12 Stylish Watches to Compliment Your Kloset

by Kéla Walker

Recently a Kutie bought it to my attention that she admired how my stylish watch wasn’t the same ol’ designer watch that everyone wears.  Up until that point she thought she had to buy a big name designer timepiece in order to be on trend and in style.  That’s SO NOT True.   A great stylish watch is a wardrobe essential but that doesn’t mean it has to be a big brand name luxury item.  I love my watch big and bold with a classic appeal and timeless style.  I want my timepiece to make a statement AND compliment my style and I don’t want to spend a lot to accomplish that.   With that said,  it can be difficult to find a stylish watch that’s classic and unique AND different from those timepieces you see every Jenny and Jane with.  Check out these watches I selecte  that are both stylish and timeless for your timekeeping needs.

(some are super expensive i.e. #12 the Cartier which is my dream watch while others are  super affordable)

About that Time

This list is comprised of both  luxury investment watches, everyday timepieces and ones that simply compliment your style.  Personally I switch back and forth between 2-3 watches. My bold face gold diesel timepiece (seen here) ( every time I wear it I get a compliment) my silver Michelle chronograph watch (here)- both of which you have seen on Kloset several times and my Sasha Rhett double band watch (#1)  that satisfies both my gold and silver cravings when I can’t decide between the two tones.

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How do you keep kind, what kind of watch do you wear??