14 Style Tips from Beyoncé’s Visual Album

by Kéla Walker

If you’re anything like me you were no where near ready for the release of  Beyoncé’s Visual Album. It goes without saying that the whole thing was a pleasant surprise and the collection of videos was icing, ice cream, whip cream and sprinkles on the cake.  I was moved by the range of creativity in the videos which take us everywhere from sandy beaches and the streets of Brazil to roller coasters in Coney Island and around the way in Houston. Every single video from Beyoncé’s visual album was just that, visually stimulating, inspiring and filled with plenty of fashion and beauty.
Here are 14  style tips from Beyoncé’s visual album to inspire the Yonce in all of us.

1.Go Plaid
If all the fashion magazine and bloggers weren’t proof enough that plaid is in, maybe Beyoncé wearing it throughout the “Flawless” video (1 of my favorites) should be. If you’re still questioning how to pull off the look take note from Yonce and pair it with denim, cool accessories and boots

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2.Button up & Accessorize
Also from the “Flawless” video notice how Yonce’s shirt is completely buttoned to the top?  Instead of leaving the first couple of buttons open on you blouse, button it up to the top and layer a standout necklace under the collar.  It’s a clean and polished look and the added accessory adds a pretty chic edge to the look.Beyonce's visual album includes tons of fashion tips
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3.Take your lippie bold & Matte.
Practically every video has Beyonce giving a great lippie from shiny reds (“Partition”, “Blow”, “Yonce”) to hot pinks (“Pretty Hurts”)  and lots of plums and wines and mattes.  (2nd half of Haunted, Partition, Superpower). Pinks & Nudes are an essential (“Mine”, “Ghost”, “Xo”) but start adding some color to your lip lineup.


4.Gloss the Lids
Bey’s eyes glisten and shine in quite a few videos. Reference “Jealous  or “Haunted”   It’s such a polished  and subtle sultry look. My makeup boo Mimi Kamarta created the look on me a few months back and it was quite the hit. It’s such a simple trick- apply a light gloss over your eyeshadow but dont use too much – a little goes a long way in your beauty routine



5.Blue eye shadow
It’s not as tacky and retro  as many think.  When applied properly it actually looks very  quite pretty and alluring. Reference “Mine”


6.Powerful in Plastic
Plastic, PVC, Patent leather, Vinyl, whatever you call it, Bey went all the way there with this patent leather oxblood trench coat in the “Jealous”video. It’s very grown woman. This material is bold but oh so sexy and powerful in all the right ways. To avoid looking like a dominatrix try the trend in small does like a skirt or crop jacket. + Bonus Tip: You need a trench coat. PERIOD

Beyonce’s coat is Burberry and thousands of dollars but try the trend  herehere and here


7.Go Spring in the Winter
Don’t wait until the spring, summer to wear color, do so NOW. Bey’s sports a lavender like lippie in the “No Angel” video with a white fur coat that  proves the 2014 Pantone color of the year can be worked into your wardrobe now. So don’t think you have to wait until next year to spring some color in your wardrobe.  The purple-esque color is too pretty to hold off on until 2014 especially since it looks gorgeous with winter whites NOW

8.Leopard coat

I mentioned a couple posts ago that a leopard coat is a Kloset must.  Look how snatched Bey is this leopard sleeve moto jacket in the Yonce video.  She fits right in with with her  supermodel crew

Beyoncé’s leopard jacket is Phillip Lim and cost over $1,000 but get the look for less here and here


9.Power Suit Separates
It seems that a lot of folks have relegated the suit to the side but Yonce shows that  good separates paired together are always in style. See the “Haunted” video.  Make sure you have the makings of a good suit on hand to  pleasantly haunt those you encounter


10.Go for the Silver
I’ve been trying to tell y’all for some time now that  you need a pair of silver pumps but now that we’ve seen Beyonce strolls through the streets of NYC in a pair (“Jealous”)  maybe now you will believe. They are the new neutral and go with everything. Literally.

Beyonce’s can afford the Tom Ford version but if you cannot try thesethese  or these for cheaper

11. Layer on the Chains
Because 2 or 3 necklaces are better than 1. Beyonce pulls the looks off perfectly in “XO” Wearing a choker, a wide charm-like necklace and even longer one that falls under her shirt. To make the look work in your Kloset , make sure the chains vary in length and make a statement and compliment each other.


Try the layered chain look with this + this & this Or simply try this multi chain piece

12. Get Lacey
Lace – it’s more than a trend it’s a klosest necessity. Beyonce shows duality of the see-through material throughout her videos. “Jealous” has her donning the sexy  side of lace while “Heaven” highlights the sophisticated look of the fabric.

13. Enjoy Beach Waves All Year Long
Everyone thinks beachwaves are just for the summer or for girls with wash and wear hair.  But anyone can sport a beach wave and do so in the winter. ( “Drunk in Love”, “Flawless”, “Xo”) To get the look use a wand curler and curl hair in 3 inch sections all over. You can also obtain the look by sectioning hair, twisting into mini knots or buns and let sit over.


14. Cape Coat
Perhaps the best way to finish any look is with a cape coat.  There’s something about a cape that gives a note of confidence sophistication to a look

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Did you like these tips? Have you already tried any of them in your style arsenal?  
What did you take away from Beyonce’s Visual Album?