How I Survived and Slayed the 2016 BET Awards

by Kéla Walker

You’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the 2016 BET Awards by now.  It was and remains to be the hottest awards show.  PERIOD. There’s never a dull moment. From Beyonce’s surprise opening number to the thorough Prince tribute along with all the stellar performances in between- it was LIT.

Covering the 2016 BET Awards Red Carpet

Continue to see how  thered carpet sparked the evening for the hottest award show on the planet.

I’ve never worked a red carpet hotter than the 2016 Bet Awards. No, REALLY!  It was ridiculously hot, like 100 degrees out there. In fact, I think it was a heatwave and from the looks of my before and after picts where I tanned 2 shades dark, I’d say it was indeed a heatwave.  I legit, thought I wouldn’t make it.  I was so focused on trying to survive and keep cool that I didn’t even have time to get nervous before my first interview which started 1 1/2 after the carpet opened.  It was so damn hot, not even the celebs wanted to step out and when they did a lot walked the red carpet with umbrellas and hand fans to keep cool.  I was blown away by the number star that showed up on the silver carpet in long sleeves. HOW, SWAY?
All that aside, Im a professional and once things got under way, it’s as if the heat disappeared.

This year the carpet was a gorgeous silver / grey instead of a red.  Beyonce didn’t even walk the carpet but slayed it no less.  I got to interview her new artists  – Ingrid and Chloe and Halle- who are the kutest damn girl group.  Speaking of which, I won’t tell you how I almost groupied out when Kelly Rowland’s group, June’s Diary walked by.  Y’all know I love me some Chasing Destiny and I feel all the way invested in them so to see them walk the carpet was a proud moment.

In Formation on the 2016 BET Awards Red Carpet

  I interviewed a bunch of celebs that walked the carpet. It all feels like a blur now but I think my favorites were  1- Aja Naomi King because she was so pleasant and the personification of black girl magic in her flowing gown.  2- Jidenna, who was indeed a classic man and so damn charming and 3- Andra Day who I somehow felt empowered by even though we were talking about the most basic things.

Interviewing Naturi Naughton 2016 BET Awards Red Carpet

You can watch my red carpet recap below and check out the other content the team and I created.  Like the mani cam where celebs showed off from head to toe and tips.  We dug deep with the sole approved segment  and what’s a red carpet without a little eye candy featuring the fellas who slayed the red carpet.

Okay, now let’s talk about what I wore,  Oooooh Weeeeee – it was HOT-  in the best way possible.  If you’ve been following me on Snapchat you know that I have been working out like crazy and trying to get #SNATCHed.  It was all for this moment. I wanted to slay the carpet like Beyonce and ‘em.   The good folks over at Wow Couture sent over a few dresses that were great for the occasion.  I narrowed it down to two.

I really wanted to go with the red but it was a little too revealing- like cheeks revealing so black won by default but still helped me slay no less.

I managed to capture a couple of photos before I hit the carpet and melted. Thankfully my girls were in LA at the same time and were able to do my glam.  Camara on the face and Porshe on the hair.  Praise for them because if I had to do my own glam,  I wouldn’t have held up and probably would have really melted.

what I wore to work  2016 BET Awards Red Carpet

But can I  just say YAAAASSSS for this look. I know that’s not something you typically reserve for someone else but damnit sometimes you gotta give it up for yourself.  I worked hard for this #SNATCHed moment and see it and feel it in this moment… YAASSSSS.

what I wore to work  2016 BET Awards Red Carpet

You see my guns though.  Again, YAAAAASSSS.  Hell, I’m still wearing that dress as I type this post.  When I tell y’all that sun and heat was so fierce, those straps are now tanned to my body.

what I wore to work  2016 BET Awards Red Carpet

My Red Carpet Pull

Dress ~ Wow Couture | Shoes ~ Zappos | Jewels ~ Lydell NYC and David Yurman

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