3 Reasons You Should Be Watching #ChasingDestinyBET

by Kéla Walker

I didn’t think I would be into Kelly Rowland’s new series Chasing Destiny on BET but I’m hooked.  Y’all! It’s good, like, really good. The series follows Kelly Rowland (of Destiny’s Child,Duh,) as she treks around the country looking for the next great girl group while also coming into her own as a boss and music mogul. Look, the last thing we need is another reality show but as Kelly so graciously points out – the world needs girl groups and if you think about it, it totally makes sense.  Girl power, female commodity, unity – we totes need those thing in our life.  If that’s not enough continue for 3 three reason you should be watching #ChasingDestinyBET and live tweet with me

Chasing Destiny On BET

Kontinue for 3 reasons why you should tune in and watch Chasing Destiny on BET with me

You know I love something if I tweet watch it which is eacatly what I’m doing Tuesday nights with Chasing Destiny On BET. I got my first peek of the docuseries at it’s NYC launch event.  Three episodes later, I’m still watching and think you should too. Note, this isn’t is a sponosred post I just legitmately think the show is good.  Here are 3 reasons why you should tune in and watch Chasing Destiny on BET with me

With Rae Holiday of Stuff Fly People Like, Kelly Rowland and Ty
*Photo by @PhotosBYBenaz*

1- You’ll fall in love with Kelly Rowland.  I’ve always liked Kelly Rowland, I mean who doesnt she’s so sweet and nice like the perfect girl next door but after watching this show I LOVE KELLY.  It’s rare that you get to see a star’s personality ( if they have one)  much less that of someone from one of the biggest girl groups of our time.  Kelly’s shines in this series.  She’s real and no hold bars as she speaks her opinion of the girls, and bosses up in the most effective and inspiring ways.  It’s a rare and welcomed glimpse into the power house that she is.

I’ve also been eying these boots Kelly wears throughout the series.  Imma need those in my kloset before next winter.

 2- You’ll discover real stars.  From the gate, Kelly’s let’s it be known “Im not looking for reality stars, I’m looking for STARS” Again, she keeps is all the way real letting us know she’s looking for the most authentic talent and there is lots of it throughout the show. You’ll find yourself routing for some of the girls, wanting to to see their progress through the competition which is bound to be amazing.  We could legit be looking at the next Destiny’s Child.

3- Frank Gatson Jr. is a G. He may be new to some but for those that know Frank Gatson Jr. is a LEGEND.  He’s worked with all the greats, Michael Jackson,  TLC and En Vogue and if that’s not enough, he’s the man Beyoncé turns to as her chorographer and creative director .  This man know what it takes to be a star.  He grooms them, helps create them and has clearly worked withthe best of them. He also speaks his mind and often says the things that Kelly is to nice to say.  Him and Kelly have a mutual respect and teir chemistry together is so good. For year’s he’s been behind the scenes of it all and it’s kinda dope to see him  out in the forefront helping Kelly create what could be the next big thing in a girl group.


Chasing Destiny airs on BET Tuesdays at 10pm EST and again at 11.

Chasing Destiny on BET with Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson JR.

Have you seen Chasing Destiny on BET?
Does it sound like something you would tune into?
I’d love to hear if you are into it as much as I am.