[VIDEO] 3 Tips To Slay Your Professional Style with InStyle’s @KahlanaBarfield

by Kéla Walker

During the Leading Women Defined conference (BET’s exclusive invite only event)  I got to interact with a lot of amazing women many of which I personally adore. Case in point, Khalana Barfield Brown, InStyle Magazine’s Fashion & Beauty Editor At Large, who I have quite the girl / style crush on.  One look at her instagram page and you’ll see that this lady slays on the regular and might I add, she’s no diva.  I got to chat with her at the conference and experienced first hand her warm and encouraging spirit. If I didn’t love her before I love her even more after

Kahlana Barfield Brown shares tips to slay your office style

Continue after the cut to watch my interview with Kahlana  as she shares her style tips to help others develop their look and slay their professional style like she does so effortlessly.

 About what I wore for the interview with Khalana

My office style for the interview

Today’s Kloset Pull

Dress ~ c/o Bar III |  Bag ~ c/o The Fashion Addicts | Shoes ~Here  c/o Zappos

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