Kloset Krush + 4 Tips for Shopping the Zara Sale

by Kéla Walker

I love his time of the year, not because of the holiday spirit per se but because of the sales! The one sale not to be missed on my calendar is the bi-annual Zara sale. For the past few weeks I’ve been holding out on buying anything because I knew this time was drawing near. I’ve visited zara a couple of times in anticipation of the sale and have accumulated quite the list  of things that I’d like from the spanish retailer. You know it’s my favorite store, right? Check out these 10 things I have a kloset krush on (amongst several other things) + my 4 tips for shopping the Zara sale.

4 tips for shopping the Zara Sale 

1- No Zara is created equal.
The pants to a suit may be at one location and the matching top in another.  I will go to every single store to locate that one hard to find item. (Note: they wont do a store search on sale items)

2- Wait for the markdowns.
I only buy low in stock and hard to find items during the first markdown. Otherwise WAIT . If there’s an abundance of something hold out until the next markdown. The sale typically goes on until February and On average, each markdown is an additional 20 bucks off. It’s gamble but most times it’s rewarding.

3.Check the item before purchase.
The longer you wait to buy an item at the Zara sale, the more haggard the items get. Be sure to check the zippers, button count and the overall quality of the item.

4. Hold onto you’re receipt.
Sometimes one store with have something cheaper than another store ( Somehow they miss the memo) and since Zara doesn’t do price adjustment I’m not above buying again and returning the pricier item

In New York City, my fav locations are the flagship store at 53rd and 5th, 34th street (it’s crowded but EVERYTHING ends up there).  66th street is a quiet gem because those upper west side ladies shop differently and they always have the goods here.

Soho & Flatiron locations never have anything. Probably because they are in the middle of fashion area but those are my quick return store.

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