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by Kéla Walker

Who of us are not fans of Forever 21 and their super great deals on everything thats hot and on trend.  With all the trendy  fashion fashion in store it’s easy to get caught up in all it but there’s a science to shopping the mass retailer to achieve a look that looks more chic than cheap.  Kontinue to see my 4 Tips to help you master  Forever 21 to create a lux look for less with ease.

How to Shop at Forever 21

Create a lux look for less with Forever 21

affordable statement necklace

1 – Look for unique and lux like details…

This necklace has a mix of color & texture looking more expensive than it actually cost.  While statement necklaces are fail proof (1 of my Essence magazine picks for Fall) I love that this one looks more lchic than cheap.  It’s one of those pieces that will make someone ask  “where’d you get that” &  gasp in amazement when you tell them (that is if you chose to share)

The details of  these pants make them stand out from your average slacks.  The pintuck (permanent crease) that runs the length of the leg makes them look more  lux than not. I love them because they are like sweat pants but with a better cut and more polished feel.

2 – Don’t overlook the basics 

A lot of times we go into F21 looking for the most standout / trendiest item and over look the basics like these simple shell tops.  Like everything else instore they are super inexpensive but the key is they are non-descriptive and  could easily be a department store buy for all anyone knows.  The color, the flowing cut and contrasting details -they are simple and effortless.  They are kloset keepers that I wear with everything.

3 & 4  Below

cheap and chic look

Create a cheap and chic look

How to Shop Forever 21

3 – Pair your the inexpensive with the more expensive accessories

With all the money we save at stores lke forever 21 there’a little extra left for splurge worth accessories.  I say it all the time but  it’s always better to spend more on shoes and bags because 1- they always fit no matter your weight  and 2. they escalate any outfit.  This bag and these shoes (which weren’t  expensive but ppl still have a hard time believing I got them from Target) make this $26 outfit (YES TWENTY SIX BUCKS)  look like a lot more than it’s worth

4 – Try to avoid mannequin looks and create your own distinctive look and style

We’re all shopping at the same places ( they dont call is mass fashion for nothing).  The key is to separate your self from the bunch and make the fashion your style.  For me that means incorporating the “kela tuck” (partially tucking my shirt into my pants), adding a cuff or other small touches to individualize my look.  Whatever you do try & avoid buying everything as you see it on display  or literally on the mannequin.  It’s an easy way for people to know exactly where you purchased the goods from.  Always try to create your own look and style that’s easily identifiable to YOU, not the brand and stores you frequent.

Forever 21 Cheap & Chic Style


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Today’s Kloset Pull 

Top , Pants (komparable) & Necklace ~ Forever 21 | Shoes ~ Prabal x Target | Bag ~ Zara