5 Dresses For Day to Night

by Kéla Walker

KUTIES  You know how we all agonize over what to wear to work that will will also work for us after hours. In an effort to help alleviate some of that stress here are 5 dresses for day to night serving both your professional and personal needs.  And the best part is, they are all UNDER $50.

5 Dresses for Day to Night


1. MONDAY  Start the work week off right with this side panel swing dress that’s fresh enough for the office and flirty enough for your first event of the week.

2. TUESDAY  You wont’t have any problems wearing this trendy dipped hem dress into the office ; that’s also perfect for that after work date.   Layer on a belt and statement necklace and DONE.

3. WEDNESDAY This shift dress is will get you over hump day with ease. If you are anything like me, by now you are practically over the week (and your wardrobe)  and dont have the energy to pull off much. However, come mid day and a last minute after work event invite  and you are wishing you put in a little more effort.  Work this short shift dress as a shress (shirt / dress) with a pair of skinnies in the office.  Once the clock strikes five,  slip the pants off and return your dress to it original form  and prepared for the night ahead.

4. THURSDAY Pair this tribal number with a blazer and no one in the office will be none the wiser that it’s a one should dress ready for the social event thats been on your calendar.

5. FRIDAY IT’S FINALLY HERE and its time to REALLY PARTY but not before getting through the last work day. This zipper dress might seem a little edgey for the office but its nothing an office jacket can’t cover.


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