My 5 Must Have Apps To Make Life Fun and Easy

by Kéla Walker

Without a doubt my cell phone is a staple in my life as it for so many of us.  There’s nothing I can’t accomplish without my cell phone or rather the apps.  Forget talking and texting, I utilize my phone for everything from tracking my fitness to ordering lunch and travel.  Since I started using Apple Pay- forget about it- my Phone is the real MVP.  Hell, I don’t even need my wallet any more. There’s an app for just about every thing (if there isn’t you should probably invent whatever you see lacking). For real, APPS are LIFE.  The right ones can make your whole life pop.  For that reason  I’m rounding up my favorite apps that I use more often than not to help me do everything from rent a car to getting libation delivered to my door- YES, booze, hand delivered.    Trust me, these are the apps that you need on your phone to help make life a little easier and a lot more fun.

5 Must Have Apps That Make Life Fun and Easy

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They deliver alcohol to your door. Enough said. But seriously on those days when you just don’t feel like going  out, but the fridge is dry and you want a drink- head to the Minibar app and they’ll deliver your spirit of choice to your door, in less than an hour. This service really comes in hand come winter time when you’re nice and cozy and don’t feel like trekking outside in the cold.  Get the app here or visit the website here. Use my code:KW034257 and get 10 bucks off your first purchase.  That’s like a cocktail, on me.


I hate chores- specifically  mopping and scrubbing toilets and shyt.  I feel like that;s all I did as a child. Now that I’m grown and have a say I don’t want to do chores and you know what, I don’t.  Since I don’t have kids of my own to do them for me like my mom did, Handy does it for me.  Book cleaning services on the app and have  someone come in and do all that dirty work for you. I even use the handy app to have odds and ends done around my place- things my man would do if I had one of those. Needless to say this handy app comes in handy. Kick up your feet and use my referral code to order your own cleaning lady and pay 20 bucks for your first cleaning.

Apps that help make an easy life


The only thing I hate more than cleaning is going to the post office. Abhor is more like it. So again, I don’t. You seeing a pattern here? For a mere 5 bucks Shyp picks up my package- no matter how big or small- custom packs it and ships it off at the lowest possible price (after they compare prices with all the shipping companies). Afterwards you get a receipt with the amount charged to your card on file. They’ll even return your retail packages. @Shyp makes shipping easy.   Thanks to them it’s been months since I’ve visited the post office.  Use my code ( and get your first shipment free.

Try the shyp app if you hate visiting the postoffice as much as i do

Car 2 Go 

I can’t tell you how many times I was too lazy to walk to the subway station or trek to my friends house or insert some other random reason you need a car. Enter Car 2 Go. the beauty of this car rental service is that No reservations are requires. You see a car, you drive a car. Otherwise the app highlights the nearest available vehicle on it’s map. You can also use the app to unlock the doors to the car. My favorite thing about Car 2 Go,  you don’t have to return the car to it’s pick up location.  Pending you’re within the mapped out zone you can leave the car at your destination. Sign up with my code: and get to driving now

phone Apps That Make Life Fun and Easy



Right up there with that wine you don’t feel like going to get is that dish you love from your favorite restaurant on the other side of town that doesn’t deliver to you.  NO SWEAT. Postmates does.  Like seamless but possibility better, Postmates delivers for restaurants that don’t, bringing your favorite foods and cravings right to your door. You know, like that spinach artichoke dip from Houston’s or froyo from Pinkberry? Make the order through Postmates and have it delivered directly to your door.  Of course there is fee to pay but it’s a small price to pay when you want what you want and don’t feel like going out to get it. Use my code: lm7mz and receive a $10 delivery credit for your first order.

And there you have it,  the five apps I use for a fun and fruitful (and most carefree) lifestyle.
What apps do you use most on your cell phone. Which apps make you life fun and easy?