5 Pieces :: 1 Week’s Wardrobe ~ Mix-n-Match Style

by Kéla Walker

Now this is when the ride gets a little tricky and mix-n-match style comes into play.

mix-n-match for maximum style

Kontinue to see how to mix-match style 

how to style a vest

Mix-n-match to maximize

Today I introduce the metallic sweater to the series. Combined with the vest from Monday and the pants from Tuesday it all makes for  great mix-n-match style -the essential component to pulling of this series.   I like the boxy nature of this looks. It’s comfy, casual, effortless and professional all in one.  This whole mix-n-match style is essential to making a limited # of pieces -in this case 5- work for a week’s wardrobe. This is how you maximize your kloset.    Another key to mix-n-match style is to  wear them with great accessories. Speaking of which these printed  pumps were a great finish to this look bringing out the silver in the top. They’re on my “wear more” list.

Print shoemint pumps

Mix-n-match to maximize

 Wearing metallic with darks

styling a dress vest

Mix-n-match to maximize

how to wear metallic with darks

3 looks down,  2 more to go, What do you think of the series so far?  What do you think the next mix-n-match should be??

Today Kloset Pull 

Metallic top ~ H&M (Komparable) | Dress Vest ~ Uniqlo (Komparable) | Pants ~ Zara (komparable) | Shoes ~ Shoemint now on super sale  | Bag ~ Jill Sanders