5 Reasons You Need H&M Personal Shopping in Your Life

by Kéla Walker

Recently I got to experience the H&M personal shopping service  and no lie, I think it changed my (fashion) life. Seriously y’all, it’s so good.  Personal Shopping is something many tend to think of as a luxury but long gone are those days of it personal shopping being reserved for the rich and famous.  These days, it’s a luxury afford by everyone – from that girl looking to make some style changes to the one who has no time to shop- H&M personal shopping services makes life a little more easier, not to mention stylish.


Kontinue for 5 reasons, amongst several others, why you need the H&M Personal Shopping service in your life + a DISCOUNT

The newest H&M location- 48th and 5th is the largest in the world offering carrying every division of the brand under one roof and it’s the first in the country to offer H&M personal shopping. It’s the first time a US H&M has everything in one location. I’m talking sportswear and ready-to-wear, lingerie, children’s wear, special sizes, cosmetics, THE HOME collection (that you typically can only find on line) and so much more.   It’s four levels of awesomeness- the size of a football field- and H&M Personal Shopping helps you tackle all of it no matter what your fashion goals are.

5 Reasons You Need H&M Personal Shopping


1. You need help making  your way through H&M’s massive fashion  
Heck, some of you didn’t even know H&M had so many divisions.  Remember this the biggest H&M in the world so everything you want and need is in this ONE location. Forget th sales associate who doesn’t know much about anything,  with the H&M Personal Shopping service fashion industry experts aka Style Advisors help you along the way so you can you navigate through the store like a pro.

I got to work with Tony and Althea who are officially my new besties in style.  They were AH-MAZ-ING.  They walk around with and help you shop and trust me they are all inclusive and favor that $10 shirt just as much as that $80 skirt. Better yet, if shopping isn’t your thing or you’re strapped for time, the Style Advisors will pre-shop for you,  selecting  pieces that align with you fashion goals and have them waiting for you upon arrival.  When you book your appointment they check out your social media and get a sense of you style so they know exactly what you are aiming for.  You can walk in and head straight to the dressing room which by the way is huge -much bigger than their standard dressing rooms


2. The Style Advisors Have the Inside Scoop.

If you are anything like me, you will go to several H&M locations looking for a particular item. All off that fashion stalking comes to a halt with the Style Advisor. They know all and once they know you, they’ll keep an eye out for those pieces they know you’ll love and put them to the side for you.  NOTE- that does not mean they can get that exclusive designer piece for you before the items goes on sale to the public but they can keep in mind those specific boots you have been on the hunt for and call you when they are in store.

3. It’s Like Shopping With Your Best Friends Minus the Stress
You know how it is shopping with you girl.  She’s fab and all but she either A. is a selfish shopper and hoards your time togeher talking about her wardrobe needs. or B. lacks patience and doesn’t respect your process (we all got one. For me I have to circle the store at least twice and check the dressing room for rejects). C. Her style sucks and she never can see you vision. There are a bunch of other reason why shopping with you real best friend is a hassle but you don’t have to worry about them with the H&M Personal shopping service.   You get 100%  of the attention you deserve for all your style needs.

These pieces my Style Advisor Tony picked out for me are SO ME!!!!

4.  You Need Someone To Tell You The Truth About Fashion Choices
The Style Advisors form H&M Personal Shopping are not your friends so they’re not going to “Yes Man” you like your friends do.  There is no pressure to buy so they’re going to be honest and tell you when that dress doesn’t quite fit- which truthfully, many of y’all NEED.  They’ll tell you when something doesn’t look good, what to leave alone, when to size down or squeal with you over an awesome find that can’t live without like these two pieces I fell in love with.

5. You’re A Uniform Shopper And A Style Makeover
So many people get stuck in a routine of buying the same thing over and over again. I mean really, how many cream blouses can you have?  With the H&M Personal Shopping, you get the help you need with our fashion goals and  gain a new style  perspective.  The Style Advisors are there to help you get that look you envision and all within your budget.

More importantly than all those reasons why you need H&M personal shopping in your life, IT’S FREE. I mean, REALLY, do you need any more reasons than that? You have nothing to loose and everything to stylishly gain.

Schedule your free appointment with one of the Style Advisors at StyleadvisorUS@HM.com and  RECEIVE 20% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE

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Have you ever tried personal shopping? Would you try the free H&M Personal Shopping service?