8 HandBags To Help You Make Boss Moves (All Budget Friendly)

by Kéla Walker

I love that new purse feeling but there is something about the right work bag that can make you feel like you  can conquer the world. You know, that  “I’m the boss and run this mutha” feeling with the appearance to match?  Yeah, a work bag can do all of that.  That’s why I’m in love with the newest addition to my bag collection and gathered a list of work bags that’ll give you that boss lady look and feel.

Kontinue for a list of bags that give that Boss lady look and feel

The right work bag can make you feel like you own the world and if you’re going to rule the world you gotta look the part on the journey to the top.  For me that means a work bag that’s big, structured and unique in design.  A Celine bag fits the model nicely but as I’ve said several times before my wallets ain’t set up for that. However, my new work bag comes pretty damn close and at a fraction of the cost. I stumbled upon this beauty at Century 21 department store which is a treasure drove for designer goods priced low. It really makes me feel like I’m on my way to make executive decisions.  Naturally, I got to searching even more of these bags because who doesn’t love that feeling. Here are 10 dope work bags that give off that boss lady vibe even if you have a beginners pay check.

8 dope work bags that give off that t boss lady vibe even is you if you have a beginners pay check.  1- Red Bag
2- Python Tote
3- Cream 
4-Black & Green Bag
5- Wine Crock Embossed
6- Black and Tan
7- Two Tone
8- Burgundy Satchel

Do you know that new bag feeling I’m talking about? How does your work bag make you feel?