The Statement Coat I Hate To Love

by Kéla Walker

I know it’s been a minute but if you’ve been following me on Snapchat or Instagram you know your girl has been BUSY.  I’m hoping to get back to my regular scheduled posts next week (whatever that means)  but in the interim lets get into this weekend and this statement coat I’m torn over.

Oooh, I  LOVE a good coat- especially a statement coat.  It makes all the different in a great look, especially in the winter when you outerwear is the first thing people see.  It was love at first site when I saw this coat which I’ve been meaning to post for a while now but LIFE .

color block statement coat


 It’s rare that I purchase something and wear it immediately.  Huge mistake with this color block statement coat.   Practically the whole neighborhood and blogosphere is rocking it NOW.  When I purchased it, not so much.  Shout out to Marché of  The Robinson Style  who put me on and now I’m putting you on.  Full disclosure I was scared to purchase this coat.    It was ridiculously cheap, from one of those sites with prices too good to be true.  You know the ones, we’ve fell for it at least once and ordered something while thinking, it’s only 20/ 30 bucks- no big deal, right?  Then said item arrives in the mail and fits like it was made for your body 15 years ago,  not to mention feels flammable.

statement coat makes all the different in your look

To my surprise this coat actually fits and the quality is way better than I expected.  It’s so kute which is why I couldn’t let these pictures go to waste.  Full disclosure:  I’ve come to hate loving it now that  everyone has it. Normally I wouldn’t be bothered by a twinning moment but quadruplets? I think about retiring it (after all I did get it for the low low ) but it’s just so darn kute.

The links are below if you want to get in on this coat along with a few other statement coats for the low, that you might like.

In the meantime, Yall, Have a Great Weekend, Ya Hear!

Today’s Kloset Pull

Hat ~ JCPenney | Coat ~ She Inside | Inside Look Seen Here 

Do you think I should retire this statement coat or nah?
Do you mind when you see someone wearing the same thing  you own?