About That Appearance On #MarriedAtFirstSight

by Kéla Walker

If one more person ask me If I was I on” Married at First Sight” – OMG I’m going to SCREAM!!! For any and everyone that’s wondering or  asking my friends and people that know me… Yes. YES it was me that you saw on the first episode of “Married at First Sight”, Season 2. Albeit, I was only on camera for a second (three to be exact) admits a group of other women no less-  it was enough to be recognized and have a flurry of comments and question to come flooding my way:
I think I just saw you on MAFS.
Is that Kela Walker I spy on MAFS?
Did you audition for MAFS?
How was it?
Are you getting married?

Enough already. If you really care to know the details of my appearance on “Married At First Sight”, continue reading.

After this post hopefully all the inquiries about my appearance on married at First Sight (MAFS) will cease. lol.  This is why I didn’t really tell anyone I was interested in the show.  Only a select number of friends knew because if I didn’t make the cut I didn’t want to have to answer a bunch of questions. It’s kinda sorta embarrassing  to admit it but here goes.

So Why Apply To “Married At First Sight” You Ask? 

Well, I’m at that age (none of your business what that age is) where everything seems in place except that significant other. Having a great life and career is nice and all but I want a partner to share my world with and build a future upon.

The NYC dating scene sucks. It’s really a joke. It’s hard to find an eligable bachelor much less one that actually knows how to engage in a actual conversation and ask yo out.  So many guys walk around with what I like to call the commodity mentality. They’re educated, “successful”, have no kids, seem like a decent human being and know it.  They think what this woman won’t do another one will so they never commit because they don’t think they have to- after all they are a commodity hence my theory.  I’ve tried the dating sites which seem like the place where all the wierdo hang out (sorry fellas)  so I figured why not try MAFS.  Sure, it’s a crazy notion to marry a stranger but I think the social experiment of has some merit to it. There’s a reason why arranged marriages are a rule of thumb in other cultures. They work. Yeah, it may seem absurd but so are so many other things. The idea of finding my ideal partner outweighted the reality show aspect.

 Also, I’m a reference kind of girl- I like my dates to come through someone I know who can account for their character – just like job references. Married At First Sight is seems like the ultimate reference. 4 experts ranging from a psychologist, sociologist, sexologist and a spiritual advisor analyze absolutely everything about you to make sure they’re partnering you with the right person. They all have to unanimously agree that each pair are the right for each other, otherwise there’s no match.

Last season, 2 of the three couple matched and married are still together- a year later.  That’s pretty good.  Think about it. It takes the bull shit and guess work out of dating. There’s no trying to figure out where the relationship is going (relatively) If this guy you’ve been seeing a few months likes you enough to commit and eventually put a ring on it. Both parties are at a stage in their life where they’re ready for partnership & marriage. It’s an even playing field. And if the marriage doesn’t work, you can get an annulment at the 6 week mark.  For the record, you should know I completely respect the union of marriage and in no way think it’s a causal occurrence.

For me, applying to this series felt no different than the several others avenues we often take in finding love and getting to the alter.  Speaking of applying, yes, I actually applied to the show- it was not a random casting call per se.  I filled out an application after binge watching the 1st season and the reunion.  That was in maybe late September, early October and my process took about 6-7 weeks. There’s a really long questionnaire followed by a Skype interview with a producer. If you make it to the next stage there are a bunch of forms and other questionnaires to fill out including a 345 question psych exam and a Non Disclosure Agreement so I can’t say much. From there you progress to an informal meeting with the experts of the show with a group of other applicants which is the scene you saw me in.  That was in November and that’s where my experience ended.

( A Picture A Friend Sent Me, After Seeing Me On “Married At First Sight”)

So NO, I didn’t get matched with a mate and I won’t be getting married. From there show producers narrow down the pool of applicant to about 20 or so AND then that’s where the real matchmaking begins. There are more test and questionnaires and ones on ones with the experts who analyze all the information provided to accurately match couples. If the slightest thing seems off then there is no match. It’s like having a personal match makers.
But atlas I was not cast and as such I’m still waiting for Mr. Right.   I’m a very firm believer in what’s for you is FOR YOU and obviously MAFS wasn’t for me.  I’m pretty confident that God is still preparing me and whoever Mr. Right is for our future alter call.

But in the mean time I’m still trying to #getchose2015 so if you know somebody…  you already know I like a good referral :-p