Your Wardrobe Could Use A Little Less Color This Spring #ZapposStyle

by Kéla Walker

Don’t get me wrong, I love color, LOVE IT but a lack of color is just as awesome and dare I say essential to your wardrobe.  If you ask me , more people need nuetrals in their wardrobe. For me I’m all about beige or maybe you call it tan, or nude- at any rate if it’s light and nuetral I consider it a wardobe essential (not to be confused with white which I have a love hate relationship with)  The nuetral color goes with absolutely everything in your wardrobe.  Think about it.  There’s nothing beige doesn’t work with?  Whenever you don’t know what shoe to pair with all of Spring’s amazing trends and colors, a beige heel is always the answer which might explain why my collection keeps growing.  The latest addition to my ever growing collection of beige necessities is a not only a shoe but a bag which my kloset has been in dire need of

One look at my ever ever growing collection of beige shoes and you can see why I was in desperate need of a matching bag in my kloset. OMG- PAUSE. It just occurred to me that I  might be turning into my mom who finds absolutely necessary to have a bag to match her shoes. ” You know you gotta coordinate”.  Oh my, I hope not but there was no denying the need of this purse for my ever growing collection of beige / neutral shoe.

I’ve been on the hunt for a neutral bag for a long time now.  Of course, Zappos to the rescue. I’m all the way smitten with the purse- the color,  the tassel detail.  I ADORE.  So much so I’ve been wearing it every since it was delivered.

AND it matches perfectly with my new suede shoes – also from Zappos.  Of course I waited until a rainy day to pull them out.  I knew better but I didn’t really care so I wore them anyway.  How could I not- the two together were the perfect compliment to my look.

Today’s Kloset Pull
Coat & Jeans ~ H&M | Shoes and Bag ~ Zappos

The Best of Beige Im Currently Working In My Kloset