All Great Things Come to An End ~ Motorcycle Pants & Chanel (like) Jacket

by Kéla Walker

Hey Kuties!!! So over the past few months you have gotten to know my signature girlie style and my kloset filled with dresses to match.  Well, I’m sad to report that will soon be coming to an end.  

Welp, it was fun while it last but unfortunately it’s time to wrap thing up. As the days get more and more colder, I start to  wear less and less dresses. I hate to do it but I cant be bothered with the cold chill against my legs, even with tights.
Wait, did you think I meant Kéla’s Kloset was coming to an end.  Oh no! lol. I’m here as long as you keep logging on.
(Please keep logging on) :-)
You probably noticed I didn’t wear a lot of jeans in the summer (too hot for that) but that comes to an end right about now. With the way NYC weather is acting these days I feel like the rest of the year and this winter is going to be filled with lots of pants and jeans. Sure there will still be dresses but they will be less frequent than they are in the summer.  No worries though, there will still be lots of chic and  girlie appeal despite the loads of denim and trousers.



It felt like time for another mid-air, model (in my mind) shot.  HEY! No judgment!


Today’s Kloset Pull

Chanel like jacket (Also worn here)  old ~ Zara
Shirt  (last seen here) & Necklace  old ~ H&M
Motorcycle Pants old ~ H&M
Bag last year ~ Liebeskind bags
Shoes old ~ Chrisitan Louboutin
Lipstick ~ Wine Not by Black Opal KONTEST HAPPENNG NOW