Only The Best Trench Coat EVER

by Kéla Walker

Since everyone’s all gaga over Fall fashion these days I figured I’d join the band wagon and share my favorite purchase of the season, this Altuzarra for Target trench coat. I swear it’s the only trench you will need.

Altuzarra for Target trench coat

This Altuzarra for Target trench coat is my favorite Fall buy

I for one like to hold on to summer for as long as I can, even pass its calendar days.  But now that the first day of Fall as come, the season’s fashion is all anyone can seem to talk about so here I go.  Mind you Fall  just started but already I’m claiming this Altuzarra for Target trench coat my best and favorite Fall buy. It’s sooooo good.  I swear I dont need another coat but this was just too good not to buy.  I made a pack with myself a few seasons ago that I wouldn’t buy any more coats- which I’ve been failing miserably at, and I couldn’t let this Altuzarra for Target one pass.  I knew it was a contender for the kloset when I first  saw it in the look book but then  I interviewed Keri Russel who wore the coat to the launch event and  I knew I had to have it.  It’s just as good as some of the higher end lines. The weight, the feel, THE DETAILS. The sleeves are waxed, making a great substitute to leather and a cheaper dry clean bill. My favorite part of this trench coat is the probably the tail. The little bustle and added pleats – it’s a no booty girl’s dream and makes the trench look much more expensive than it cost. I love it. It’s going to look sexy with dresses and bares leg, trousers, jeans – whatever you chose to wear it with- its suits the bill for every look.

Since this purchase I’ve made an amendment to my coat pack. Now I have to get rid of an old coat in place f any new ones. I think that’s a pretty fair adjustment considering I got rid of two jackets in place of this trench.  A fair exchange since I will be wearing this trench throughout the season and for years to come.  Now if only it can get cool enough to wear.

Im IN love with the Altuzarra for Target trench coat


I’m sorry to say, I think the trench is now sold out everywhere- at least online.  But if you’re anything like me, and want it bad enough in your kloset you will stalk every possibility there is until it’s yours

Today’s Kloset Pull

Trench Coat ~Altuzarra For Target | Jeans ~ Zara | Heels ~ Steve Madden

Did you score this trench coat? What are you thoughts on the collection? What’s you favorite fall buy right now?