A Day at the Beach in Anguilla

by Kéla Walker

I’m not really a beach person,or at least I thought I wasn’t before the white sandy shores and deep blue seas of the Anguilla beaches.

Kontinue to sail the sea with me and explore the beaches of Anguilla

Here’s the thing, I like the idea and the option of the beach but it’s not really my thing. It’s crowded, dirty, overbearing with hagglers and not to mention, boring. After a dip in the water there’s nothing really left to do? Leave it to a day at sea,  exploring the beautiful Anguilla beaches to change my mind.  I wasn’t sure what the day would hold but I figured it would be a good time to wear my Mrs. Roper suit as I like to call it. It’s yet another mannequin look that I couldn’t resist with the cover up and matching pants. Besides the obvious reason, it’s the perfect day at sea / beach look for me because I sun burn EASY. REALLY.  They say black folks don’t sunburn but I can testify that’s a lie. While everyone else is getting all nice & golden brown,  I turn red  and the aftermath is fours days of  itchy madness.  It’s not a pretty look or a good feeling, but I digress.

However my head to heel cover up was short lived when we set sail from Sandy Ground and I had to shed the pants to wade through the water and  climb aboard our vessel for the day.

With 33 beaches on Anguilla’s 16 x 3 mile span, there was a lot of territory to cover. We sailed or I should say jetted through the sea to our first beach of the day, Little Bay which is said to be one of Anguilla’s best kept secret.  It’s a tiny quiet beach thats suppose to be great for snorkeling.  You should know I can not swim. Yes, you read that correctly but that didn’t stop me from strapping on a life jacket and jumping into the gorgeous turquoise water.  One of my shipmates actually climbed one of the cliffs and jumped off.  So AWESOME!

Gorgeous right?!  Every single shore we pulled up to was just as serene and picturesque as the last.  Being on the water in Anguilla is so peaceful and still and all that prety blue water… It’s easy to see how it’s tranquility wrapped in blue.    The great thing about there being so many beach on the island is that each one feels like your own private beach. Oh and there are no peddlers on the beach so you can totally bum out in peace and not worry about someone haggling you for something.  After Rendezvous Bay (the beach right outside my hotel room)  I think Sandy Island might be my favorite.  I mean look at that view.  It was love at at first site when our boat approached the shores + the little hut in a distance served up a pretty great lobster for lunch


Shoal Bay is pretty amazing too. It’s one of Anguilla’s most polar beaches and has been voted one of the ten best beaches in the Caribbean. I think it’s easy to see why.

After a day of beach hopping in Anguilla, I can see the error of my ways and that I’ve been beaching wrong. Anguilla is how you beach. Hands down it’s most serene places I have ever visited.

What I Wore

Coverup & Pants ~  H&M |Sunnies ~ C Wonder | Lipstick ~ Stila Besos

Are you a beacher? What’s your favorite beach, ever?