Watch Me Work: How Well Do You Know BabyFace

by Kéla Walker

There’s no denying the legend that Babyface is.  His #SoulTrainAward honor was beyond deserved. That man has hit after hit, after hit.  Who knew he wrote Bobby Brown’s greatest hits or Brandy’s hit song “Waiting In My Room” from the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack. I sure didn’t. So it got us to thinking, and by us I mean the Centric TV team, what the other common knowledge babyface facts should fans know.

After decoding Erykah’s “Baduizms”, we quizzed folks on Babyface. For example, did you know Babyface was in a group? Right!!  You’d be surprised by the answers in this video.  It’s funny AF if I may say so myself but you watch and let me know what you think in the comments below

Are you a Babyface fan?
How did you do on these Babyface Trivia questions?