Back from India

by Kéla Walker

I’m Back!!! Did you Miss Me?

 I’m not going to lie, it sucks being back especially when you’re returning to a chilly 30+ degree in  NYC’s after an awesome vacation in  India where temps are 80+.  BUT I DID MISS YOU KUTIES so I’m trying my best to maintain my zen and harness the inspiration that India provided.  With that said,  I’ll be returning to the regularly schedule program here on KK with new #ootd posts very soon.  To answer your question “How was India?” (bec I know that’s what you are thinking)   It was EVERYTHING!! I’m so grateful to have experienced it.   Someone asked me to explain India in three words of which I responded
1. Breathtakingthe Taj Mahal is beyond. Standing right before it, it still looks unreal.
2. Humbling - To see so many people with very little and  be happy and content with life is eye opening not to mention a reminder of your blessings.
3. Cool- Anytime you can experience a new culture and a world completely different from your own is always great.

I shared a few pictures on Instagram and am debating if I should share more here – I wouldn’t want to be overbearing, you know.  But let me know if you want to see more and I will be happy to share.