Movie Night with Ice Cube (In Real Life) #CremeOfTheShop @CremeofNature [VIDEO]

by Kéla Walker

I’ve been a fan of the Barbershop Flicks since day one so when Creme of Nature invited me to a special screening of the third film in the franchise, Barbershop: The Next Cut, it was a no brainer.  What I thought was just a regular movie night with the blogger baes ended up being a start studded affair with the cast which of course led to lots of shenanigans like trying to steal kisses from Common.  True story.  I know it sounds crazy which is why I caught the whole thing on my snapchat and now for the first time ever I’m sharing my story with you so this ememory can live on FOREVA *CardiB voice*

Kontinue after the cut for a day in my Snapchat life and movie night with Ice Cube and the cast of Barbershop : The Next Cut

Before you watch this video, let me forewarn you that I’m a pure fool on snapchat, none of which I hid at the screening for Barbershop: The Next Cut. No spoiler alerts but I will say it was awesome to see the Barbershop cast in attendance.  I’m a huge fan of  Eve and love to see her do her thing (My love for here is all up and through the video below). Am I the only one that misses seeing her? Like, damn Eve can we get some new music or something. Please and Thank you. Also in attendance at the event Cedric the entertainer, Common who I mention, and THE ICE CUBE which is a ridiculously big deal. Forget the fact that he’s the star of the film, this man is legendary. He’s rarely ever seen out and about on the celebrity circuit. If I didn’t know any better I’d think he was a unicorn- granted a dark stallion gangsta unicorn- but a mystical creature no less.  Needless to say I had to get a picture with him and didn’t know how to act as I patiently waited to capture the moment.

Okay now for the video. Im giving you my whole day in the life of my snapchat aka The Kela Walker Show.  Everyday starts out amazing because WE SAY SO and from there, anything is bound to happen and anyone is likely to show up- like the cast of Barbershop and Ashanti and Danielle Brooks ( aka Tastie for OITNB).  If you’re not already following me- gone ahead and do so- @KelaWalker.  On this day I also share my tip for getting the most out of your edge control.  I got a lot of snapbacks thanking me for that one.  Lucky for you saved everything from my day  and share below.  Dont worry it’s less than 10 minutes- shorter than the average youtube video you most recently watched .
(FYI, there are a couple of images that are position sideways in the video, DON’T WORRY, all of them are share below properly)

Legit, I had a blast at the screening and not just because the cast were there.  It really is a funny AF film while also being very relavent to what’s happening in society right now.  I thouroughly enjoyed it.  Shout out to Creme of Nature for the invite.  If you pay attention you will see their products at various point throughout the movie.

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