Tomboy Chic

by Kéla Walker

Hey Kuties Hope you had a great long weekend! Despite the success of  last week’s sporty chic style, I’m really not the sporty type yet I do love a great baseball cap now and then especially when I’m having one of those days (you know the ones)

stylish way to wear a baseball hat

baseball hat fashion trend

baseball hat style

Really, this is my I don’t-care-but-can’t-look-like-it look but since the feminine sporty thing is trendy right now, we’ll go with that + it sounds better.  On days like this I call on the  baseball hat fashion trend for a stylish home run. This whole casual tomboy chic look is one that my blogger krush Bambi Amore does really well. While I’m no match to her sophisticated sporty style  I was inspired by it for today’s kloset pull. The racer back (which I wear all the time), the baseball cap – those are the elements of a female sporty look. The heels and the lippy, well, that’s the chic part. Combine them all together and you have today’s tomboy chic look. Take heed, baseball caps are the “new secret-weapon accessory”. JCrew has a new crop super fancy ones that make  the classic boy’s club accessory nice and girlie. I love it .

how to wear a baseball hat

baseball hat fashion trend

feminine baseball hat

how to wear a baseball hat

Today’s Kloset Pull

Baseball Cap old ~ Target ( kute komparable)  | Leopard top ~ Vintage  (komparable) |
Black Tank old ~ Target  (komparable) Pants old ~ H&M (Komparable) |
Purse old ~ Zara | Shoes old ~ Prabal X Target | Red Lippie ~ Stila Fiery

Would you wear a baseball cap? What do you think of the baseball cap as a stylish accessory?