[VIDEO] Revealing My Beauty Secrets and Passsion With @Dove

by Kéla Walker

When Dove called asking me to share the things I’m passionate about I was all to happy to oblige.  Naturally the conversation inlcuded fashion, style, beauty and my work as a televisin host and producer.  I love when I get to combine all those things into one great project.  We filmed the segment a few weeks ago so I’m pretty excited to finally be able to share it with you.  Watch as I spill the deets on my signature beauty look, gush over my career and more importantly how I encourage others to feel beautiful.

Kéla Walker talks beauty with Dove

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Beauty is more than just primping and pampering with makeup.  It’s skin deep and really reflects the interior just as much as the exterior. Watch this video with Dove as I share what makes me feel beautiful with or without makeup.

Whenever people ask me about self confidence or when I realized I was beautiful it always comes down to me knowing that I’m being FLAWSOME =  Awesome + Flawed.  I accept me for ME, all that I amd and everything Im not.  I’m not perfect, hell Im pretty damn flawed but thats what makes me unique and aweseome ad pretty damn FLAWESOME.  I wish I could take credit for this aweseom adjective but credit is all due to Tyra Banks.  I nterviewwed her on a red carpet a few years ago where she talked about Flawsome beauty and it’s stuck with me and rsonated ever since.

Signature Beauty includes luminous skin, bold lip and cat eye

What your secret to your beauty?
What makes you feel you beautiful inside and out?