My RedBook Magazine Feature with Brad Goreski

by Kéla Walker

I can hardly contain myself… Finally I can share the great news with you. that I’m featured in the July issue of Redbook Magazine. What a way to kick off  the summer season and my birthday month!! (July 9 if you’re wondering). Kontinue to get all the behind the scenes details on my  Redbook magazine experience with stylist / personality Brad Goreski

It seems like I did this photoshoot forever ago but it was only just this past April.  I had such a blast shooting with Redbook.  The fashion team is ridiculously sweet and nice.

If you haven’t noticed, Redbook magazine has gone through a bit of a makeover. It’s filled with lots of fun fresh and relevant  content for anyone interested in life and style.  If you remember I was featured in their March issue showing how real women rock the  floral trend so when they asked me if I was interested in this opportunity I jumped at the chance.  I arrived hair ready just because I’m always particular about my hair so I rather never chance it.  Not the case with my makeup: I arrived bare face but skeptical no less.  I’m also always so fearful of other people doing my makeup.  I’ve seen some pretty scary faces but I’m pretty happy to report that makeup artist Rachel Wood did a really great job on me; making me look like my best ME -which reminds me there are a couple of products she used that I need to pick up.

There were so many great goodies on set. I had no idea how I was going to be styled considering I dint know much about the look and  there were racks on racks of clothing and accessories on set – many of which had me swooning.

I let out a sigh of relief when I saw my look was all about monochromatic style. I love that brad put me in colorful & coordinated look. You already know I’m all about the matchy match and color in the Kloset.   Oh but let me tell you about my stylist, Brad Goreski  (Bravo reality star, formerly of The Rachel Zoe show & Brad Brad World) he’s so freaking hilarious.

I was already a fan of his but I had no idea how laugh-out-loud funny he could be. He made it ridiculously hard to be a serious model on set. Thankfully the Redbook team didn’t want that and encouraged us to have fun. Oh and quietly kept, Brad is a little ratch- his playlist included Lil Wayne, amongst other rapers – of which he knew all the lyrics to.It was so much fun working with him.   I seriously want to keep him for life, in my life.   LOVE HIM MORE.

If you ask me, this should have been the picture they featured.  Lol

But I’m definitely happy with the selection Team Red made.  This was such a big deal for me. Not only did I get the full photo shoot /model treatment but this is also my first national full page feature. This was the REAL DEAL and I’m forever in love with Redbook for giving me this opportunity.

Go pick up the July Issue of Redbook magazine on newsstands NOW with Melissa Mc Carthey on the cover and check me out on page 18.

I thinking about hosting a link up to see how everyone else rocks their summer colors.
Would you  be interested in that?