HOLD UP: You Need A Bold Flowing Dress Like Beyonce #ZapposStyle

by Kéla Walker

You kuties know that I’m in love with this cold should trend and this dress is no exception.  Add to that the bold bright yellow color made trendy by Beyoncé’s Lemonade and I’m in love with this month Zappos pick.

Beyonce was onto something when she went swinging that bat through the neighborhood in her Hold Up video.  I don’t know if it’s the flowy nature of the dress, the bold bright color when you combine the two together they make for one awesome look and sheer happiness. Now I  understand why Beyonce is cheesing ear to ear in the video. Turns out, Rachel Zoe (celeb stylist turn lauded designer) gets it too.  Why else would she design a dress inhibiting the exact same qualities of Bey’s huge budget designer dress (Roberto Cavalli).  There’s no denying the sunny cheer of this dress. I instantly felt it when I slipped it on.

This is my first piece from Rachel Zoe and if the sheer joy I feel in this dress is any indication of her clothing line, it won’t be my last.  She knows how to make a girl feel like a girl with feminine, flirty pieces.  Check out the Zappos Rachel Zoe lookbook and a video for a closer look at her style and inspiration.
http://www.zappos.com/sc/rachel-zoe-lookbook. It’s filled with pieces that play up your femininity.

I couldn’t decide if I liked the dress loose and flowing or slim and belted – so I wore it both ways. What do you think?

Today’s Kloset Pull

Dress ~ Rachel Zoe c/o Zappos | Shoes ~ Zara

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