Kloset Krush ~ Beyoncé Sweatshirts

by Kéla Walker

OMG how great are these Beyoncé sweatshirts!!! First the album and now this.
The Beyoncé album is filled with quite a few colorful moments and quotables for days, not to mention a long list of style tips from the videos. Pick any track from the Beyoncé album and chances are the title and/or lyrics have become a part of your daily vocabulary.  I don’t know about you but “I woke up like this”.  In a move thats just as genius as Beyoncé surprise album she’s now offering sweatshirts highlighting  sexual  sassy sayings from her hit album

Kloset Krush: Beyoncé Sweatshirts

My favorite Beyoncé sweatshirt is Flawless but kontinue to see which one Mrs Carter favors.  

Flawless, Surfboard, No Angel, Breakfast are just a few of the sweatshirts you can find in Beyoncé online shop to visually show your love for Queen Bey and her album. My favorite is Flawless but it looks like Beyoncé prefers the Surboard sweathshirt.  Figures.

Get Beyonce’s Sweatshirt and Casual Style in Your Kloset


Would you wear one of  Beyoncé’s sweatshirt? What’s your favorite tracks?