Black Radiance ~ Black Shift Dress & Black Accessories

by Kéla Walker

As you know shift dresses are kloset keepers for me as they are my go-to dresses in time of doubt or when running late.

Typically I dont like to wear black and definitely not from head to toe but today just worked out that way.  This dress is one of my all time favoites.  Its one of those all purpose dresses that can work for any and every occasion.  It cool and chic with an exposed zipper in the back that trails from the top to the bottom.  (at one point I was obsessed with exposed zippers and would buy anything with one) At the same time it simple and sophisticate with its straight to the point share.  It really has worked for me for anything.  Funny enough, while most wear black as much as possible slimming possibilities, I on the other hand think black is daunting and unmemorable. Sure it chic and polish but black doesn’t pop. However, today, the sun seem to make my black ensemble radiate and standout despite the lack of color in cite.


 Today’s Kloset Pull

Vest ~ Uniqlo
Suede Jacket old ~ Express (komparable)
Scarf old ~ Zara (komparable)
Dress old ~ Zara (Komparable

Boots last season ~ Kelsi Dagger 
Bag old ~ H&M
Necklace ~ Forever 21