I ShopStyle

by Kéla Walker

The secret is out.  Anytime I’m put to the task of finding a must- have fashion or want to know which retailer has the best price, I turn to ShopStyle. ALWAYS.


 Kontinue to see my version of their latest campaign and an overall picture of my style and kloset.

Shopstyle is like google for fashion, it’s a go to resource for all my fashion hunts. So when I was asked to work with the brand to recreate their 1st ad campaign  (which I loved before the ask) I jumped at the opportunity. Take a look at the campaign here. The ads are ridonkulously kute!!  My version features many of my favorites from my kloset.

You know I’m all about the fancy pants so there are few pair included. Along with one of the first sweatshirts I bought when the trend became a keeper in my kloset. The canvas even includes a few pieces that I have hunted down on Shopstyle like the bright pink moto jacket and the Jeffrey Campbell booties that I stalked.  Lately I’m really into full skirts hence it being smack dab in the middle and the bold blue fit and flirty one off to the side. I love that I can look for something as broad as full midi skirts on ShopStyle and see what’s available on the market or look for something as specific as Rachel Roy Mesa Boots.  It’s the first place I turn to check out the nest prices on my  kloset keepers and obsessions like dresses from Diane Von Furstenberg-top left (I’m a sucka for anything with the her lip print)  and Ivy and Blu-lower right.   My look is never complete without a statement shoe and necklace or bag hence the scattering of some of my favorites. The thing about great accessories are  they fit no matter what size you are. Speaking of fitting, the pompom baseball hat is my new favorite ( I have to stop myself from wearing it too much). Quietly kept I’m a mad hatter, always on the hunt for a great headpiece to add to my kloset. And what’s a girly kloset like mine without sequins. If you ask me, more people should incorporate sequins into their day style. I dont get to wear this one as much as I’d love to but trust me, when I do take it out the kloset, its an all around winner.
I love this picture from top to bottom. I can honestly say it’s a great snapshot  of my Kloset and overall style. I just hate I wasn’t able to lay in the middle of photo like the ads.

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