Canadian Tuxedo With A Chic Twist #ZapposStyle

by Kéla Walker

 There’s no argument that the Canadian tuxedo is a fail proof look but lets take the denim on denim style up a notch with a chic twist 

Who says you canadian tuxedo had to consist of jeans and matching shirt.  Well maybe the Canadians but more appropriately who says you can’t switch  up the denim on denim look a little.  I swapped out the typical go-to jeans for this denim skirt which makes a nice, chic alternative.  As soon as I saw it on the Zappos app, I knew I had to have it. Sidebar: that Zappos app has been a real life saver lately.  My schedule has been ridiculously crazy leaving me little to no time to shop hence online shopping and there’s nothing more convenient than an app to help me do so on the go.  WAIT.  I lie- free overnight shipping is pretty damn convenient too which Zappos offers 365 days a year. OMG- what’s not to love.  Speaking of which lets get back into the denim skirt.  Like I said,   I LOVE it – especially the pencil cut and frayed hem which is supper on trend right now.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so lady like and chic in my denim.

It doesn’t at all hurt that I added my new broach to the look. Suddenly, something so simple as a broach ( albeit sophisticated) has become my new jam. They add an undeniable touch of chic to any look.  I find myself pinning this one on everything.  Doesn’t it top off this denim on denim look perfectly? It’s just a great mix of high and low.

Canadian Tuxedo With A Chic Twist #ZapposStyle

Try adding any one of these broaches to your look for a fun chic twist

These heels were also a no brainer for this look- they pretty-up anything I wear them with.Hmm, I see a potentially uniform developing here.

Head to Toe ~ Zappos  | Pendant ~ The Fashion Addicts  | Necklace ~ Lydell NYC

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