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Inside NYC’s First Ever Dessert Festival w/ @Jamberry #OMGDessertGoals

October 30, 2016  |  2 comments

What do you get when you combine yummy desserts with Jamberry’s one of a kind creative nail wrap   for a day of fun and indulgence? The ultimate treat for an experience unlike any other.

Healthy Hangouts: The New Way To Kick It With The Girls

October 19, 2016  |  leave a comment

One of my favorite pass times is kicking it with my girls- make it a chat and chew session and it’s the perfect hangout.  However, since I’ve been on mission #SNATCHed I’ve pumped the breaks on all that eating out and drinking (calories are real) but I can’t completely give up hanging out with my girls. Instead […]

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Must-Have Designer Accessory To Frame Your Best Style @ShopDitto

October 11, 2016  |  leave a comment

Sunglasses are to a blogger what a bottle is to a baby- a necessity of life, impossible to live without.  Think about it: all of your favorite bloggers top off their look with a great pair of shades – Rant In Review, Atlantic Pacific, Brooklyn Blonde, and countless others. It’s the accessory of IT girls worldwide. I’m […]

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Missed Fashion Week? No Worries, Papyrus Extended It For You

September 20, 2016  |  5 comments

If you missed out on NYFW, no worries, Papyrus has you covered.  Extending the coveted event beyond it’s seven day pass, the stationary company has released a line of cards with their fashion designer collaboration card series featuring renowned fashion designers to deliver a custom greeting card collection unlike any other.


When You Don’t Have The Gucci Coin But Want the Gucci Look

September 13, 2016  |  2 comments

I’m in love with these gold metallic Gucci Loafers. I should just go ahead and acknowledge that I’m in love with everything the design house is putting out lately because this is my second Gucci inspired look for less post. Yall know how I do.  I love the look but not the price and in […]

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My 5 Must Have Apps To Make Life Fun and Easy

August 17, 2016  |  leave a comment

Without a doubt my cell phone is a staple in my life as it for so many of us.  There’s nothing I can’t accomplish without my cell phone or rather the apps.  Forget talking and texting, I utilize my phone for everything from tracking my fitness to ordering lunch and travel.  Since I started using Apple Pay- forget […]

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End The Season With a Bang In These 5 Summer Dresses

August 11, 2016  |  2 comments

One of the my favorite things about this time of the year (besides my birthday)  is all the easy breezy pretty flowing summer dresses we get to wear.  Hands down, it’s the easiest time of the year to get dressed- just throw on a dress and go. With just a few weeks left in the season, […]

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