Celebrate Sparkle ~ Fashion Inspired by the Film

by Kéla Walker

Like most of the country, I’m excited for the debut of the new Sparkle flim hitting theaters August 17th. A remake of the 70’s favorite, it’s a chance to see the legendary Whitney Houston in her last role before we tragically lost her earlier this year. The film takes place in the late 50’s / early 60’s evoking some of the best style in centuries.  Mixed with the finesse and essence of black culture, it’s yet another reason to head out and see the film that’s been a long time in the making. In celebration of the Sparkle release, this week I’m featuring something from my own Kloset that’s inspired by the film’s costume wardrobe.   Some days it will be literal; other days it will be a modern play on 50’s/60’s style. Either way you look at it, everyday will be filled with Sparkle

I look like I could be an honorary member of “Sister and the Sisters” (the name of the group) in this dress. The kindred female group donned similar style dresses for a stage performance in the film. These ladies were ahead of their times!! The styles, the cuts and the essence of clothing from the 50’s /60’s… it’s the inspiration for most of what we see in stores today. It’s also the reason so many people buy into vintage- the originality and quality of the items then compared to now.

While my dress could easily be in one of the scenes of Sparkle, I updated it with a red lip and red-soled Louboutins to match; performing right out of a scene from Sparkle into the streets of modern day NYC.

Shooby doo wop anyone??

Dress old ~ Suzi Chin
Shoes old ~ Christian Louboutin
Bag ~ Vintage
Jewelry ~  Left, YSL; Right, Assorted bracelets from TJ Maxx
Watch ~ DKNY