Celebrate Valentine’s Day – No Matter Your Relationship Status

by Kéla Walker

It doesnt matter what my relationship status is, whether I’m coupled up or as single as a dollar bill as I have been for some time now (a really long time now), Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite’s.  But not for reasons you may think.

My love for red and valentines Day

Kontinue to see why I’m in love with Valentine’s Day.

My love for Valentines Day isn’t about the overflow of pink and red and the excuse to get girly and glam – I do that all the time. It all comes from my childhood, specifically how my mother made me feel on Valentines Day during my preadolescence years. Every year, my mom would surprise me with Valentines Day gift at school. It may sounds like a small deed but to a kid who has a birthday in the summer and misses out on the hallway walk of fame with gifts and balloons, it was a big deal. One year it would be flowers, another year it would be balloons, and sometimes it would be both. I never knew what I would receive or who I would receive it from. Sometimes my mom would personally delivery my gift to class, other times my name would be announced over the loud speakers to report to the office where delivery service left some other cool gift for me to retrieve.   It was always a big deal to me and I loved every bit of it. I mean what kid wouldn’t. I was the envy of all as I sashayed through the halls with my Valentines Day gift.

I love me on Valentines Day and every day for that matter

Looking back on those times, I think my mom was instilling something great within me. More than just knowing that I was loved, she was showing me that I didn’t need a boyfriend or a man per se to feel loved – something we associate with Valentines Day. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a boo-thang to celebrate the day with but it’s not the be all of a happy Valentine’s Day  for and it damn sure doesn’t reflect whether or not I am special or loved. My mom  made me feel special with those surprise deliveries and I till cherish those memories today.  I didn’t have a boyfriend making me feel all special and loved in the 3rd grade and the fact that I don’t have one today WILL NOT make me feel any less loved. I Love me on Valentine’s Day andevery day for that matter. Turn V-Day into Me-Day.

So BOOM (I had to tie in this BOOM sweatshirt), yes I’m single and yes I will celebrate Valentine’s Day with the best of them because regardles of my relationship status I am LOVED!


Today’s Kloset Pull

Gold Jacket~ Replay | Sweatshirt ~ Target (old) | Pants ~ HM | Shoes ~ Topshop

Are you a fan of Valentine’s Day?
How do you celebrate the big V-Day?