That Time Taraji P. Henson’s Hairstylist Blessed My Tresses

by Kéla Walker

 In preparation for a huge hair show Indique teamed up with  celebrity hairstylist Tym Wallace to teach the art of the bob and lob (long bob) . You know that’s my signature style so naturally they reached out to me to be a part of the project. Well, not naturally but I was pretty stoked to be a part of the project especially since it meant I would get my tresses blessed by Tym himself.  If you don’t know Tym Wallace… GIRL, getcha life.  He is the man behind the hair of some of you favorite celebs-  Zendaya, Taraji P. Henson, Brandy (when’s she’s not B Rocka in braids) along with so many other big names and now ME.  Granted I’m no celeb but when the chance came up to get my hair #TossedByTym,  I was all in and ready to add my name to his long list of clients.

Kontinue to hear my account of what its like to have your hair done by a celebrity hairstylist like Tym Wallace.

Full Disclosure, when Indique asked me to do a special project with them I wasn’t entirely sure but then they told me I was going to be TossedByTym- the celeb stylist that is TYM Wallace- and all doubt disappeared. From the beginning Tym was super gracious and even wanted my input on the style.  A bob / lob can go several ways.  He could have been one of those stylist that sit you in the chair and tell you to hush and just let them do what they do but he was super sweet and cared about my concerns. We decided to go with a lob style inspired by Kim Kardashian (Kim K. is always on my hair crush list). For the look we debated between Indique’s Pure Curly and Pure Wavy texture for the style.

I’ve used Pure Wavy in the past and loved it so I opted to try something new with the Pure Curly. I like versatility with my weaves so it’s important that it be worn both straight and curly so I was excited to try the curler texture of the two. I’m use to 2 bundles in my hair but Tym used almost 3 for this look. He explained that he wanted it to be thick and luscious. I’ve been wanting to go a little bit thicker so I was all for it. ( Note, after the fact it took some time for me to get use to the thicker hair)

After the install – he blew out the hair, cut it, pressed it and then that’s when the magic started to happen. One minutes he’s curling my hair while yapping away how girls do when they in the stylist chair, then the next thing I know he’s tossing my hair and this glam Goddess begins to appeared before me. I legitimately felt transformed. It’s was the most magical thing ever and I LOVED IT.  I wish I could explain it better but there simply are no other words.

When You Get Your Hair Tossed By Celebrity Hairstylist Tym Wallace Indique Curly

Now I legitimately understand why celebs like Taraji and Brandy are always Tossed By Tim. He’s the truth! Follow him here for a peek in to his fab filled world.

What do you think of my Tossed By Tim tresses?

What Celeb Hairstylist would you love to have do you hair?