Heaven at Century 21

by Kéla Walker

I posted a few pair of shoes on IG that I stumbled upon while shopping the other day- Fendi, Michael Kors, & Rebecca Minkoff- they were all pretty HOT.  A kutie shared that she tried the same pair of Fendi  pumps on at Century 21 department store and that was my cue to head to the store and see what other shoes they had.  It’s by my job so I;ve spent many of lunch breaks in that store. Century 21 for lunch is my fave. Century 21 is one of those hit or miss stores but on the day I visited it was all HITS . Everywhere I turned a my heart skipped a beat at the sight of heels from Miu Miu, Jason Wu,  Manolo Blahnik and YSL- the list goes on and on.  It was heaven I tell you, HEAVEN. I spent my entire lunch break trying on shoes.

These AHMAZING Alessadnro shoes I saw in the window are what drew me into the Century 21.  I DIE!!!!!
Kontinue for more details on my lunch break at Century 21.

 How effing yummy are these pineapple pumps.  I’ve seen them all over Pinterest on streetstyle stars galore and here they were right in front of me.  SWOON.  The I saw the $399 pricetag and the bubble was popped.  Moving on.

A large majority of the shoes hit the $250- $400 price mark but considering many of them are marked down 50-75 % that’s actually a pretty good deal. I drooled over these Nicholas Kirkwood heels.
You know how sometimes you try on a shoe even though you know good and well you can’t fit it but you try it on anyway hoping  it runs super big or small. That was me with these Jason Wu open toe lace heels. I mean really, how hot are they? The Jason Wu heels were priced a little more reasonable at $250 but I couldn’t  find anything I liked in my size. 

There were tons of Miu Miu shoes in stock included these booties that were all the rage a few seasons ago. I contemplated getting them  but I really want the two tone pair instead of all blck + they were a smidgen too small but if the price was right and the color was on point best believe they I would have took them home to my kloset.

I love LOVE these jewel heel oxfords.

At last I did walk out with a pair of shoes. I spied these Jill Sander heels from across the room.  Brace yourself.  They were only 69 bucks. See this is why I love Century 21. There are so many great deals  there but this one was beyond. I saw a very similar pair for $300 bucks, marked down for $1000.  At any rate, y’all should have seen how fast I ran to pay for these and exit the store. I felt like that lady in the Ikea commercial running to her husband waiting in the car and screaming “START THE CAR”


Aren’t they a beauty? I love them.

RUN don’t walk to century 21 for a great line up of designer shoes at a fraction of their designer price.

Are you a shoeholic as much as I am? Where is your shoe heaven?