Chic DIY Nail Design with @Jamberry

by Kéla Walker

Hey Kuties. Check out my second look in my collaboration with Jamberry nails. I’m super excited about this chic nail look , specifically because I created it myself.  Note: Im so not the DIY type but trust me when I tell you this nail design is super easy to do not to mention it’s so strikingly chic.


 I love this look from head to tip. As I shared here, a few weeks ago Jamberry challenged me to incorporate a few of their nail wraps into my style.  Amongst the nail wraps I selected I also picked a polish which I’m truly in love with lately. Heck,  I didn’t even know they had polish but OMG- it’s so good.  Seriously- I got practically two weeks wear out of it.  Any ways,  I elected to get creative with my nails and tried my hand at a DIY nail design and you know what I LOVE IT.


 Combining the polish with the nail wraps I create this chic nail art.  I love how striking yet simplistic it is.  It’s so simple to do.  SERIOUSLY.  I did this myself and if I can do it, surely you can to. Heck, anyone can.

All you need is your favorite nail polish, one nail wrap, a razor blade or nail scissors, tweezer and a ruler or some thing with a hard straight edge


1- Of the nail wraps, select the biggest strip,  typically the thumb and lay it horizontally
2- On a hard, safe surface,  line the ruler up at the tip of the nail and use the razor blade to cut vertical lines through nail wrap, creating  little strips.  Work your way to the bottom.
3- Turn the nail vertical and cut the the wrap down straight  the middle – basically cutting the vertical strips in half, making them sizable for nails.

The Process

1-Polish nails as normal with your favorite color. In this case I chose Jamberry Vamp (I like to select a color that contrast / complimentary the nail strips, in this case Rose gold)
2-Let nails dry as normal or use a fast dry top coat- I love Seche Vite.  I never paint my nails without it.  I can literally  paint my nails and go to bed. Thats how fast it dries
3- Using the tweezers- select a strip from the nail wrap you sliced up  which is appropriate to your nail size and lay it down the middle of the nail bed
Repeat 9 times and VOILA – you got a chic  and striking mani.

Already, I’ve tried this DIY nail design a couple of times switching up the polish and nails wraps for a different look .

Dress ~ old Zara | Shoes ~ old H&M | Nails ~ Jamberry

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