Take A Break From Your Basic Mani With These Magical Nails

by Kéla Walker

Have you noticed the new chrome nail trend that’s all the craze lately?  I tried the trend for the first time a few weeks and I’m utterly obsessed.  No exaggeration it’s like a magical manicure that I can’t get enough of.Typically I stick with your standard manicure – whites and brights in the summer and darks and nudes in the winter, but those mundane colors have taken a backseat to magical with chrome nails.

Take A Break From Basic Nails With Chrome Nails

Remember when those gold metal minx nails were all the rage but were too expensive and hard to find. Chrome nails are like that but way more affordable and obtainable. Chrome nails look like liquid metal and some appear iridescent- the color looks different when you tilt and turn your fingers.  It all starts with the standard gel manicure but what makes theses chrome nails magical is that’s it’s not at all a polish but a powder and they come in a variety of colors. So far I’ve tried silver, orange (my fave) and gold.  The base color effects the look of the powder but generally black is used. Then the powder is dabbed and buffed onto your nails as a brilliant shiny color magically appears. It’s ridiculously cool.

( The effects of the orange chrome nails)

(The rose gold chrome nails created on top of gold polish)

gold chrome nails

(silver chrome nails)
silver chrome nails

All the colors for these chrome nails are pretty damn awesome.  I love them and can’t seem to get enough.  I get mine professionally done at The Nail Boutique in Brooklyn but whereever you go just ask if they do chrome nails.   There’s one multifaceted silver iridescent color that folks have been referring to as the unicorn color; I think I might try it next. At any rate these magical chrome nails have been a great way to shake things up in my routine not to mention accessorize my style.

Update: I did indeed try the unicorn color and it has officially trumped the orange chrome as my favorite