Necessity of a Leopard Coat

by Kéla Walker

On the heels of Tuesday’s post about adding oomph to your day to day style is this look with my leopard coat which never fails to help me look effortlessly stylish on casual days like this

A great lippie and a leopard coat-it’s a winning combination that never fails.  Surely this isn’t my most stylish look from the kloset but it is one of my most comfortable- notice I’m wearing flats, a rarity for me here on KK but such is the case when we NYers are bouncing back from a Snowstorm and prepping for another. We – us fashion girls- talk about leopard a lot in our kloset but rarely do we acknowledge the power of a good leopard coat.  Take my word for it when I say it’s a must in the kloset. Look at any of your favorite style icons… they’ve all rocked one at some point or another.  A leoaprd coat- when done right (we’ve seen our share of WRONG ones) adds just the right amount of style to your look especially on those carefree days as I am  today. It’s a classic piece in the kloset.  A Kloset keeper; it’s like the magical ingredient in the recipe for effortless, chic style.

Today’s Kloset Pull

Leopard Coat ~ Old Navy | Sweater ~ H&M | Jeans ~ Uniqlo | Boots ~ Matiko | Hat ~ Forever 21  Bag ~ DvF

Do you have a leopard coat?