[VIDEO] You’ll Swoon Over These Eye Catching Designs #CNDatFashionWeek

by Kéla Walker

For most people, nails are an after thought but for the CND Nail team they take center stag .  To see them in action is jaw dropping.  Anybody can do nails, but what CND does is pure genius- it’s couture for fingertips.  They are the best in the business. Hands down, there is no competition. Every season CND Nails can be seen gracing the runway of top designers like Libertine and the Blonds – two stellar fashion brands known for their ornate designs and intricate craftsmanship. This NYFW they unveiled an eye-catching collection of hand-crafted nail specifically designed fo  Libertine.  What they did is nothing short of AH-MAZIN. Watch and see for yourself.

CND Nails at New York Fashion Week for Libertine

CND Nails at New York Fashion Week is one of the coolest ways to experience the fashion and thrill of it all.  I’m lucky to hang out with the team during NYFW and see a different perspective than most folks.  While everyone is filling into their seats or streaming online I’m backstage working, getting up close and personal with the designs.  For the past few years I’ve been a part of the CND Nail media team to show how they nail New York Fashion Week.  In all of my years of working for them, they never ceased to amaze me.  Season after season they top themselves, leaving everyone in aww including the designers themselves.

CND Nails for Libertine

CND Nails unveiled an eye-catching collection of hand-crafted nail designs at the Libertine’s Fall/Winter 2016 show.  Check out the video below, You won’t see me but this is what it looks like when I wear my producer hat. Shout out to the team, Frank and Andrew.

The elite CND Nail team clocked over 200 hours of production on the works of art created for this season’s runway show. The team hand-sculpted 180 eyes in various sizes.  They used pretty much the whole CND kit and caboodle to create these nails including the Retention Liquid & Powder, Shellac nail color and  Vinylux polish (Which you can actually use at home) in vibrant color combinations of red, green, blue, orange and pink. Also uber cute, the fluffy nails (seen in the open photo) which were a part of the additional luxe looks CND Nails created.  It’s gorgeous how CND Nails compliment Libertine, never competing with the fashion but completing the full look and style of the brand.

CND Nails for Libertine

Couture nails

By the time the first model hit the runway my job is pretty much done which means play time with the CND Nail team. Roxanne, one of the CND Education Manager has made it a tradition of outfitting me with one of their signature looks from the collection. I’m pretty happy to oblige.

Couture Nails

Zoolander style with CND Education Manager’s  Kristina Estabrooks and Roxanne Valinoti

Needless to say it’s always a fun time with the CND Nail Team.  Check out their website for more of their amazing work and Follow the #CNDatFashionWeek hashtag on social media to see how they show up and nail the runway.  They are also doing the blonds show which I already know is gong to be INSANE.

What do you think of these nails?
Do you think CND Nailed It?
How elaborate do you get with your nails?