Coachella Tickets NOT Required For This Festival Style #ZapposStyle

by Kéla Walker

This fringe situation and wide brim hat is giving me all types of festival style vibes despite being nowhere near Coachella.  Who says you need tickets to the party to carry off the festival style?

How The Working Women Wears Festival Style

Giving you all types of festival style in this fringe vest and hat look

This is how us gals who failed to make it to Coachella still enjoy the fun and festvial style.  Whether you’re into festivals or not there is something to be said and aprreciated about festival style. It’s all very carefree and effortless – two things I love in my style.  Honestly, I wasn’t even trying to create a festival look so much as I was trying to add a little personality to this otherwise boring black dress.  As you know I’m loving this vest these days  which I take every opportunity to wear.  And after seeing it styled with this hat on the zappos app, it seemed lke a no brainer look to try.  It all  just so happened to add a cool  festival style.   I’m not mad at it.

A little black dress make a great canvas to create whatever look your heart desires

Festival Style

Today’s Kloset Pull

Dress ~ Zara | Vest, Heels & Hat c/o Zappos

Get the look in your kloset 

Are you into the festival scene?
Will you bee rocking any “festival style” looks?