Celebrate Every Moment & Share a Coke

by Kéla Walker

QUICK: Team Pepsi or Team Coke?  If you answered right, you chose Team Coke. 

Share a Coke and Celebrate Every Moment

    Yes, I’m team Coke. I love it with a twist of lemon and lime and it’s the only thing I will drink with Chinese food or a burger.HA!  Naturally, I had to check out the Coke Essence Fest experience.  Coca Cola had one of the first spaces you saw when you entered the main hall of the convention center. All weekend long they invited festival goers to celebrate every moment, literally.  There was a giant celebration wall, irresistible for photo opps and a dance floor that had folks doing everything from a 2 step to the wobble and cha cha slide.  Believe me when I tell you the Coke Essence Fest space was the party spot in the convention center.

 Celebrating every moment with Christen of Divas & Dorks, Tiffini of The ATL Go To Girl, Marie of The Curvy Fashionista, Guest & Carmen of Lipstick Fashion Mascara.

Coke Essence Fest Celebrate the Moment

They were also invited festival goers to #shareacoke and have their name printed on a coca cola can.  Like I said,  I’m a fans so I was a little giddy over the idea of having my name printed on the signature red can.  Lucky I got to check out the space before the doors opened so the because once they did, things really got packed in the convention center and the line for the custom cans wrapped ALL THE WAY around the dance floor + some.   Those with common names can probably find their namesake coke at local stores but for unique names like Kéla, not so much.

Share a Coke

I printed my name and one for a friend who I knew would never find their name in the store.  It’s so kute.  I love it.  Of course I’m never drinking it.  It will sit somehwere on display in my apartment for all to see and swoon over.  Lol

Who would you share a coke with?