Cold Dressing ~ Leopard Coat and Shift Dress

by Kéla Walker

During the cold days, my first urge is to wear something warm and cozy, covering me from head to toe.  In an effort to do so, I try not to  to resort to jeans and pants ALL the time. 

Dresses have always been my go-to quck and easy way  to get ready and stylish in the morning and there’s no reason why these cooler temperatures should put that to rest. I just have to apply a few more layers.  First I always make sure I have a great coat AND scarf to shield me from the windy chill.  Next, the legs.The right tights are essential to wearing a dress and keeping warm.  I look for thick ones with a wool and lycra or nylon bend.  The wool helps with warmth and the nylon blend helps them not look so wooly.  When need be, If rally scare of the wind shield factor,I double up.  Truthfully this combo is just as good as an pair of pants of jeans I own and helps me maintian my lady like appeal in the cooler days of Fall and Winter.



Today’s Kloset Pull

Coat ~ Old Navy
Dress ~ Donna Morgan
Necklace ~ Forever 21
Tights ~ H&M
Bootie ~ Tory Burch
Bag ~ Diane von Furstenberg