Color Combo

by Kéla Walker

Happy Monday Kuties ! I wore this color blocking look a few weeks ago for a promo shoot and it’s become one of my favorite looks.

It wasn’t my intention to create this bright color blocking look but it just came together like so and I love it.  As I mention, I had a promo shoot do do and it was a green screen shoot, meaning Im literally standing in fron of a green screen which they will late incorporate imagery and scenery into (kinda like the meteorologist and the weather maps) See here. The only problem with green screen shoots is there are all these wardrobe restrictions.  You can’t wear shiny and reflective items  or ANYTHING remotely green.  No turquoise,  sea foam, NOTHING with shades of green. I’m kind of  amazed at how much of my wardrobe I couldn’t wear because of the the color restriction.  Hence this the creation of this vibrant look.  I’m really in love with the tulip/ bubble skirt which have become a bit of an obsession for me as of late.  It’s so kute and feminine with just the right amount of sass and too think it all came together because of my color restrictions.

color blocking style

Happy Monday Kuties

Today’s Kloset Pull

Blazer old ~ H&M | Shirt & Skirt ~ Forever 21 (komparable) | Shoes ~ Prabal x Target (komparable)|
Necklace  old ~ Forever 21 | Sunglasses ~Dickies  via Kmart