Cool in Corduroy ~ Timeless Style in Classic Cabric

by Kéla Walker

♫ Peter pan almond joy, look at (fill in name) corduroy!! ♫ Does anyone else know or  remember that song? As a child, it was the taunting melody you heard if some one was seen wearing the dreaded fabric that could “start a fire”How cruel and funny children can be…

modern accessories with corduroy

classic corduroy dress

Fast forward to today and the durable material still kind of gets a bad wrap.  Cordoroy is the retro fabric, the textured one that appeals to few.  But this season it’s made somewhat of a kool comeback with appearing in an array of cuts and colors (primarily in pants).  Kool or not, this corduroy dress is a #klosetkeeper for me, it’s probably more than 7 years old and I have it in two colors (caught it on super sale).  I pull it out on those cold days when I want an no-fuss, effortless dress to wear -it make’s an appearance about once a year.  The classic cut and structure of the dress ensures thats its always in style even when the fabric is not. To style the piece up, I like to add modern, of the moment accessories that  makes me look cool in corduroy.


fashionable corduroy

stylish corduroy dress

classic corduroy dress

femininity of corduroy

 classic corduroy dress

Stylish corduroy

 What do you think of corduroy, kool or No?

Jacket old ~ Topshop
Fur Collar/ shawl last season ~ Forever 21 (komparable)
Dress old ~ Zara (komparable)
Boots old ~ Michael Kors (komparable)
Bag ~ DVF