Pretty Perfect Pet

by Kéla Walker

How cute is the bejeweled bulldog glam sweatshirt? I think it may have single handedly cured my desires for a pet dog.

I truly adore this glam sweatshirt. As soon as I saw I it warmed my heart and had to come home with me. Kinda like when I visit the pet store every once in a while when I think about getting a dog.  But then reality kicks in and I think about all the responsibility  and my lifestyle – long days, late nights and the fact that I’m semi lazy- and I know it wouldn’t work. I actually had a little dog once before but that was a long time ago when I lived with my bf at the time and there were two people handling the responsibility. This bejeweled bulldog sweatshirt satisfies all those urges and is way more in line with the  life I live. I love it. It’s so perfect and cute, not to mention easy to care for.  I mean really,  it’s a pretty perfect pet.

Today’s Kloset Pull

Sweatshirt (Sold Out but found 1 on Ebay)  & Pants ~ H&M | Shoes ~ Derek Lam via TJMaxx |
Purse ~ Rebecca Minkoff via Zappos  | Bracelet ~ Hermes | Watch ~ Diesel

Get the look in your Kloset

What do you think of my cheeky glam sweatshirt- kloset do or nah? Do you actually have a dog?