Light Weight ~ Flats and a Cross Body Bag

by Kéla Walker

The temperature is rising in NYC which means the desire to wear less is becoming increasing necessary. I decided to take it super light today in anticipation of  the hot weather. That translated into super casual chill mode. A full skirt and print top paired with light weight flats and a cross body bag

You know, normally  I have a big handbag, typically any one of my carry-all Rebecca Minkoff MAB bags.

But today, I wanted to carry as little as possible which meant only the bare necessities.

DvF Crossbody bag

And since there was no big handbag to carry all my extra things  including my must have heels, today’s light weight style also meant meant that the flats were on deck ALL DAY.

It was kinda nice walking around without all the extra’s.  And though change is good, this one wont be permanent.  I like the heavy weight of my style and will be returning to it asap. Hot weather or not

How do you keep it light for the summer?

Today’s Kloset Pull

Top – H&M
Skirt & Shoes old  – Zara (similar)
BagDvF  (cute cheaper version)

***Pictures Snapped by The Hobby Hoarder***