Daily Style Evolution ~ Fedora Hat +Trapeze Sweater

by Kéla Walker

Everyday, we leave the house concealed and covered looking one way with another style and appearance to be revealed later in the day.  It’s the daily  evolution of style. 

Think about it.  We leave the house looking one way – covered in layers upon layers to keep us warm and “commuter shoes” to comfortably get to our destination.  Once we arrive we disrobe and peel off the layers and switch out our shoes for a look that’s a little different than the way we arrived. It’s the daily style evolution that we all go through.  I LOVE IT. It’s a great way to wear several looks and styles on any given day.

Because of the tent like shape of a trapeze sweater keep your bottom narrow with slim cut pants and always weat heels to lengthen your torso.  and wear heels. It will help you avoid looking preggers or unshaply in the stomach area.


Today’s Kloset Pull

Twisted Fedora Hat ~ H&M (Komparable)
Scarf (my fav) old ~ H&M
Leather Jacket old ~ Zara (komparable)
Trapeze Sweater old ~ H&M (komparaple)
Pants old ~ Zara
Necklace ~ Forever 21 (komparable)
Bag ~Diane von Furstenberg
Flat Shoes ~ Zara | Heels last season ~ Zara
Lipstick ~ Makeup Forever Orange #40