{VIDEO} What The Hell Is Erykah Badu Talking About? Baduizms Decoded

by Kéla Walker

Without a doubt this year’s Soul Train Awards was the illest trip, hosted by the dopest chick- Erykah Badu. Im so glad I got to watch her in action after working the red carpet.  I can guran-damn-tee you this, Eryka Badu was THE BEST host making the show the best ever. From the beginning with that dope hover board entrance to the Iggy Azaela shade,  the Soul Cypher, it was everything we love about Fat Belly Bella.  Without a doubt Erykah kept us throughly entertained with her baduizm. Heck “guran-damn-tee” is officially a part of my vocabulary.

Before the Soul Train Awards we hit the streets of Harlem to reflect on other Erykah’s baduizms we’ve picked up throughout the years.- You know those times she made you think, Say What now?  Take a look and tell me what your interpretations of these Baduizms in the comments below.

What’s your favorite “baduizm”?