How The Holidays Bought Out My Inner Domestic Diva

by Kéla Walker

This year, I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house which meant I cooked a feast, set a table and everything. And to think I pulled it all together in 24 hour.  I felt like an adult, for real.  The way it all came together inspired my inner domestic diva and got me feeling like I should do more decorating around my place to host even more gatherings.

Home decor and entertainment

For a long time I’ve been wanting to create a breakfast nook in my kitchen. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner seemed like the perfect time to make it happen.  For years I had a high wood table with the matching chairs and after 7 + year I was beyond over it but too lazy to actually get rid of.  That changed when I spotted this this round table at an antique market on the way to spin class.  10 bucks later and a quick haul into my friends trunk  I had all I needed to make my breakfast nook idea come to life.

I literally had everything I needed to create this nook from the bench (originally aligning my my hall to hold my heels) to the chairs ( taken from my living room) and the pillows which I just had on standby waiting for a great decorating moment like this.  All I had to do was pull it all together which meant out with the old and in with the new to me.  I love how it all came together.  The table itself is a wood and could use a little TLC but it wasn’t anything a table cloth and table setting couldn’t cover up. I purchased the table cloth and napkin the night before dinner and watched youtube to figure out how to fold them.  (I  swear there’s nothing you can’t learn from youtube)

The new table setting ended up being a bit hit.  My family a friends loved it and even found it more comfy than the old table set I got rid of.  I’m really proud of myself for pulling it all together.  There are a few more things I need to do like add window dressings and I’m thinking about ways to add more art work to the wall above the bench. It’s all reinvigorated the domestic diva in me and got me excited about doing more decorating and hosting in my place. Not to mention hosting shindigs at your place is great way to stock up your bar since everyine is required to BYOB. #Winning

( Yes, Kela Cooks. I don’t do it often BUT when I do, I throw DOWN in the kitchen- I get it from my mama)

With that said you’ll probably see more home decor and mi casa updates here on the site. I have a new bed that’s literally been waiting 10+ month to be set up.  Don’t judge me but I can’t wait to see how my place comes along with this new domestic side.

What do you think of my breakfast nook idea?
Do you have an decorating ideas you can’t wait to execute?
What do you think about me sharing more home decorating ideas here on the site?